Your drawings are finalised and council time-frames provided.

  • Here, the real benefits of having your Luxury Living Homes Team behind you will be truly realised. Our in-house Designer and Builder/Project Manager will be able to work with you in the one location, to make any required modifications to your design, to ensure Council approval requirements are met.  This process may require some specialist consultancy, depending on the nature and locality of your site, and any complexities in your unique Luxury Living Design.
  • Your drawings will allow us to now give you a firmer Construction Cost Analysis, and we’ll be on-hand to guide you through every stage, and help you with any preferred amendments, before you present your plans to the relevant authorities to obtain approval prior to your build.
  • A further meeting with you will ensue once your plans are approved by Council. Any further refinements will be made, and we’ll set about presenting you with your Final Confirmation Package, including your Luxury Living Construction Drawings and the cleared pathway to achieving the home of your dreams.

You’ll also be given the luxurious option of having us prepare a Full Furniture Package with you, to ensure that all aspects of your home are considered and carefully integrated within your unique design concept. We’ll take you on a Luxury Living Shopping Spree Day, where we’ll show you around a selected range of furniture and finishes stores that showcase the right pieces to fit perfectly into your new home.  We think of everything!