Your unique design concept & cost plan are created.

  • Your Luxury Living Planning Phase will enable you to make some clear judgements about the size and design of your new home, and whether your concepts are feasible, or in need of adjustment to suit your build value.  From the very beginning we always aim to give you peace of mind and expert building and design advice.
  • In this phase, we’ll accompany you to your building site and make a full assessment of your site’s key attributes, and how we can best create a design that will accentuate your energy efficiency, views, privacy, topographical features, and any other important environmental factors.
  • Your unique Luxury Living Design Concept Package will then be instigated. We’ll investigate the local Council Planning Policies and check for any restrictions and requirements that need to be addressed on your behalf.  We’ll conduct a site analysis, develop explanatory design diagrams for you, look at optimum building placement/orientation options, sketch out a floor plan, and begin preparing a virtual model using our specialised software.

With all of the above considerations in place, and once your Design and Build Concept has your approval, we’ll be able to formulate an Initial Cost Analysis for your new home.