Coastal Home Design

The Victorian coastline, from both an design and lifestyle perspective is an absolute dream and can provide the perfect getaway retreat or location for a long standing family home.

There are a number of key considerations when designing and building your coastal home. Firstly it is paramount to understand that the climatic conditions are very different and must be carefully considered throughout the design process. Especially when it comes to material choices and finishes. This is often overlooked and extremely important if your dream home is to avoid erosion and prevent salt deterioration.

Coastal homes are used for an array of reasons and will have your unique uses associated with them. At Luxury Living we would enjoy nothing more than to design and build your unique custom design home that is tailored to your individual habits, hobbies, activities and way of life. We want to get to know you and your family so that your design revolves around everyone.

single storey modern house design with swimming pool


Designing with coastal climate elements in mind is a real challenge and not one to be taken lightly. It is important to consider the high winds that surround coastal homes and have damaging effects on a design if it not carefully considered. The natural air and environmental condition is much harsher from a construction and material choice perspective. It is important that the correct treatments to external products have been completed to avoid erosion and salt deterioration.

Ensuring that your design realises the true beauty of your location, whilst at the same time cohesively incorporates your ideas and lifestyle requests into a stunning custom design home can be challenging. At Luxury Living we have the required skill set and knowledge which enables us to specialise in designing and build you a unique custom designed coastal home that embodies your ideas and suits your way of life.

The Solution

Ensure that a detailed study has been prepared for you and your land before you start the design process. By collecting all the required details and asking the right questions on your behalf. Luxury Living is expertly placed to keep you informed from the outset and throughout your project.

Your initial briefing session is when we really get to know you and your family. It is this level of engagement and social understanding which enables us to capture your ideas, habits, hobbies, likes, dislikes and creatively interpret them into your very own custom design home.

It is our privilege to use our expertise and years of custom design / construction knowledge to design and build for you your dream custom design home.

Our Expertise

At Luxury Living we specialize in contemporary residential design uniquely designed and tailored to suit your land, your lifestyle and enhance your way of life. We have the knowledge and expertise to understand your land and its unique set of characteristics. We will manage the complexities associated with designing and building your dream home, navigating you through the process from start to finish in a simple and understandable manner. Our unique value management process enables the build value of your design to be established throughout the design process giving you peace of mind that your design can be built for your chosen build value.