Designing for a Rural Block

Designing an custom design home in rural Victoria is something to be treasured. With large expanses of land and rolling landscape the design possibilities are endless. With your rural block a site visit first and foremost is absolutely key. Luxury Living will help you to determine the perfect location on your land to situate your property. The following features will be examined and taken into consideration to ensure that your new home is perfectly placed on your land.

Orientation – for solar control and maximum natural ventilation.
Views and Landscape Features – to maximise those amazing landscape views.
Prevailing Winds – to ensure that outdoor entertainment areas have correct amount of shelter.
Natural Contours – to build with, NOT against the natural contours of your land.
Access – Driveway and property access / approach.
Custom Design Style – To ensure that your new home sits harmoniously on your land.

Sloping block architectural design
rural Custom design homes


There are a number of regulatory requirements that must also not be neglected during these early stages. Luxury Living will take of council applications and permits, any bush fire management requirements and statutory regulations that can be rather painful if not addressed early.

To realise the full potential of your land and design your home in such a way to maximise that potential. At Luxury Living we have the knowledge and expertise to help you realise your dream home in your dream location.

The Solution

The key to a great custom designed rural home is hidden in the design layout and detail. Luxury Living will establish with you a detailed brief so that we are able to truly understand the lifestyle you are looking to create with your new home. Our detailed and considered approach will give you peace of mind knowing that your new home will be 100% perfect in every design aspect. Its location, orientation, functional layout and lifestyle creating design will meet your every need.

Our Expertise

At Luxury Living we specialize in contemporary residential design uniquely designed and tailored to suit your land, your lifestyle and enhance your way of life. We have the knowledge and expertise to understand your land and its unique set of characteristics. We will manage the complexities and navigate you through the full design and build process from start to finish in a simple and understandable process.

Our ability to both design and build your custom design home will give you peace of mind knowing that your points of contact will remain consistent from the very beginning to the day you move in. Using our unique Luxury Living estimation and budget management plan we are able to design and build your custom design home for the budget you set, with no hidden costs.