Sloping Block Home Design

Each sloping block offers an exclusive array of design benefits and come with unique characteristics that we love to explore and design with. It is crucial that your design is uniquely tailored to your sloping block and works with the natural contours of your land and not against it.

There are many reasons for purchasing a sloping block, it can be the desire to create split level custom design home. It may be a specific view that you are looking to capture or simply the result of finding a great location. Whatever your reasons we will deliver a design that is tailored to them and brings together your ideas cohesively, transforming them into your unique custom designed home.

Your sloping block gives you choices and our creative design team will help you explore your site’s possibilities and establish the best custom design outcome for your lifestyle.

Sloping block architectural design
sloping block house design

Sloping Block Challenges

It is extremely important to ensure that your design works with the natural contours of your land and not against them. A carefully considered design should look to minimise the cost of structural and excavation works by working in with your land where possible.

Ensuring that your design is within the residential guidelines set. Whilst this might appear straight forward and obvious, sloping blocks do throw up a few grey areas which can catch mean the difference between a compliant & non-compliant design.

The Solution

Eliminate unnecessary excavation and structural requirements by ensuring that your design is working in harmony with your land. Choosing to design and build your dream home on a sloping block requires design expertise. Luxury Living have the skill set and tools to deliver for you, a design that can realise the true potential of your land. Using the latest 3D custom design software we are able to work accurately with your land to ensure that your design is uniquely tailored to it.

We will work closely with ensuring that all your ideas and requirements are accurately interpreted into your custom design home.

Our Expertise as Sloping Block Builders

At Luxury Living we specialize in contemporary residential uniquely designed and tailored to suit your land, your lifestyle and enhance your way of life. We have the knowledge and expertise to understand your land and its unique set of characteristics. We will manage the complexities associated with designing and building your dream home, navigating you through the process from start to finish in a simple and understandable manner. Our unique value management process enables the build value of your design to be established throughout the design process giving you peace of mind that your design can be built for your chosen build value.

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