Narrow Block

Narrow or quirky shaped blocks pose an interesting design challenge and create exciting unique design opportunities. Often with narrow blocks they embody strict neighbouring challenges which our designs will help you to overcome.

You love the location, public transport at your fingertips, great educational institutions on you doorstep, but you simply crave more space. Space that will allow you and your family to live the way you imagine. At Luxury Living we can help you with the process of change and going about maximising your land so that you are able to have the space and lifestyle in the location you love.

The key to unlocking the hidden space on your narrow land is a design that has the ability to re-imagine your land. Using creative design techniques to make your narrow block home builder Melbourne home look and feel larger than it really it.

inner city narrow block architectural design
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Creating a unique design without negatively impacting on neighbouring buildings is tricky and your design will need to manage this carefully to avoid lengthy disputes and council rejection.

Each narrow block has its own set of characteristics and orientation restrictions. It is important that your design looks to use creative design tricks to maximise natural day light if you are to make your home look and feel larger than it really is. Private open space can also be tricky to achieve, especially given the number surrounding neighbours commonly associated with inner city narrow blocks.

The Solution

You will need to establish your site parameter carefully and accurately. Luxury Living will work with you to establish your maximum building envelop by determining the following; required setbacks, areas of overlooking (these will determine where you are able to have clear vision glass or will require a 1700mm high screen) and overshadowing to your neighbours private open space.

Through careful and considered analysis we will guide you every step of the way throughout your project ensuring that you are well informed. Luxury Living will come up with a creative design solution that suits spatial needs and lifestyle requirements.


At Luxury Living we specialize in contemporary residential uniquely designed and tailored to suit your land, your lifestyle and enhance your way of life. We have the knowledge and expertise to understand your land and its unique set of characteristics. We will manage the complexities and navigate you through the full design and build process from start to finish in a simple and understandable process.

Our ability to both design and build your custom design home will give you peace of mind knowing that your points of contact will remain consistent from the very beginning to the day you move in. Using our unique Luxury Living estimation and budget management plan we are able to design and build your custom design home for the budget you set, with no hidden costs.