Planning your knock down rebuild project

For many home owners there comes a time, where we wish to completely change the look, design and layout of our house, yet still wanting to remain in the same area. This is where knock down rebuild comes into play. Knocking down your house and rebuilding it, can often come across as a rather daunting and difficult ordeal. There are many factors that must be considered and looked through, as the process can be rather tedious and time-consuming, due to errors having the potential occur.

We at Luxury Living Homes are specialists when it comes to factors relating to knocking down your house and building it with a completely new design. We have multiple solutions to problems relating to the matter. The following topics will outline certain factors that must be considered, when taking up the action of rebuilding your home.


Planning and analysing the revamp of your home

Before you undergo with the process of destroying your house, there are quite a few factors and planning details to consider, so you might want to hold off grabbing a sledgehammer and going to town on your house. There may be some potential legal restrictions to prevent you from going through and knocking down your house

  • Planning controls – You need be aware of the planning controls of your property. You must be certain it doesn’t overlay with any other zones, such as other residential and commercial zones. There may be heritage items that are currently present on your property, that are not legally permitted to be destroyed. These items can be heritage gardens, certain types of trees or individual buildings.
  • Working out your budget- It’s always a wise decision to go through your budget, and actually go over the reason on your knock down rebuild Are you doing this for investment purposes? Or solely for the purpose of lifestyle? It would be a good idea to analyse your properties growth potential or even get a formal evaluation from a property evaluator. Luxury Living homes can point you in the right direction when it comes to house value and making the correct financial decisions relating to the matter.


Choosing the right builder

This is an obvious fact that must be considered with all things related to construction. Choosing the right builder is essential for your knock down rebuild plan, one can argue that this is one of the most important factors that need to be considered. Luxury Living homes can very much get the job done for you in an efficient manner, as our team consists of individuals who are highly skilled builders, designers and craftsmen.

  • A home that suits your lifestyle- We work to cater for your needs, as finding the right lifestyle choice that suits you best, is importance to us. We offer quality designed floor plans that very much meet the needs of our customers. We make sure that our designs suits the needs of the customer
  • We take can take care of everything.- Tell us your special requirements, such as preferred living requirements and ways you would like to relax, socialise and entertain, as well as technological factors that you wish to implement to your house. Whatever the option we can take care of everything from beginning to end, as we understand ones desire of enhanced quality of living. Call us for a free consultation.
  • What we offer you in terms of new home and build design- Upon the demolishment of your house, we can take you through important motions that are necessary for the establishment of your new home, such as sloping block solutions, narrow block choices, wide block options, acreage possibilities and Heritage homes.

With the help of Luxury living homes, we can make the whole process of re-establishing your home a lot easier and free of any stress. We completely understand the complications that often arise when dealing with matters relating to knocking down and rebuilding your home. We are professionals when it comes to matters involving designing and constructing new and modern homes, and are more than happy to offer help and advice to individuals looking to re-design their house. With Luxury Living Homes, you’ll benefit from our expert onsite analysis of your homes and pinpoint its crucial strengths as we maximise its potential. We can create a uniquely designed house, which will very much make your home stand out to any neighbouring houses!

Great Design

Great Design should be a reflection of its occupants creating spaces for them to live, grow, laugh and enjoy the world around them. If your home is not practical, or you have simply outgrown it or you are just looking to upgrade. Luxury Living have the answers you need. We specialize in designing stunning custom design homes that are tailored to your every need and design to a budget that you do not want to exceed. We have no hidden costs and simple provide you with one price for a service that prides itself on giving you the right solution and desired design results.