Your Design

Unique Design Concept

We specialize in creating unique pieces of contemporary architecture tailored to meet your individual lifestyle needs. It is our responsibility to create outstanding living environments for you to enhance your lifestyle, well being and day to day lives. Through the creative manipulation of light, space, air and land we produce stunning, unique pieces of architecture that enrich the lives of its occupants. Your budget will be an important driving factor in your design and will be reviewed consistently throughout your design process to ensure that we can build your unique design for your established build value.

Expert Residential Planning

Your design will be uniquely tailored to your lifestyle and the way you want to live. We have the expert knowledge, experience and skill set in designing and planning architectural homes. This enables us to interpret your lifestyle requirements into a series of carefully considered architectural spaces that are uniquely tailored to your lifestyle and the way you want to live. We will establish a running cost plan with you and introduce budget reviews at key stages of the design process. The Luxury Living architectural process is designed to allow you the freedom of flexibility and most importantly choice, we are here to design for you.

3D Spatial Experience

At Luxury Living we use the latest software and technology enabling us to offer you a unique 3D design experience where you are given the opportunity to visually see and experience your new home before it is built. Your design model will be produced for your visual advantage and design confidence empowering you to make informed decisions regarding your unique design. As your design progresses and becomes more detailed so too will your cost plan. A significantly more detailed and accurate budget review can now take place giving you further confidence in your unique design, knowing that we can build it for your budget.

See Your Dream Home Before It’s Built

We offer you the unique opportunity to take a Luxury Living tour through your new home allowing you to understand the look and feel of the finishes and materials you have chosen. We have the ability to produce life like images and videos for you to appreciate your unique design before it is built. You will be able to experience the space, light, air and response to your land in real life detail. Our design process is tailored to you and your budget. We eliminate the fear of not knowing whether your design can be built for your budget by providing you with a cost plan at the very start and consistently reviewing your design against your budget to ensure that we can build it for your preferred budget.