Design Studio Gets Creative…

Another Creative Month in the Luxury Living Design Studio…

As we continue to work tirelessly to deliver our clients dream homes, Our Design Team has much to report.
This month has been a busy one, with the presentation of the Concept Design Stage in Kew East, the continued progress on construction documentation at Park Orchards and the much anticipated commencement of construction at Woolley Street!

Creating our clients dream home in Kew East…

Cappuccino and sketching

Having spent the past month preparing sketches and concept diagrams, our Design Team are excited to announce that our happy clients have signed off our concept proposal for their dream home!!

Following a successful client presentation, work has now commenced on the Schematic Design Stage where our imagination and creative ideas will get one step closer to realisation.

Keep an eye out for the Render sneak peaks over the next month!!

Essendon’s newest design… ready for build


Construction at Woolley Street has begun! Stay tuned for next months newsletter… first construction photo to be released.

Construction documents…

Project materials, construction sketches






As construction documentation continues at Park Orchards, much progress has been made over the past month…
Drawings are now ready to issue to our Engineer and Building Surveyor as we await draft documentation to review. We have also now received our Energy Report from the wonderful team at 360 Energy Rating which has allowed us to begin work with Windows By Design, who are helping us select the ideal windows and window furnishings for our clients.  
Construction is due to commence in October, so watch this space.


It’s has been a busy month at Luxury Living, as Templestowe is granted town planning approval, Park Orchards rolls into the construction phase, and the concept design sketching has begun on our new job in Kew East. With our projects now moving at pace in all stages of the design and build process the team in the Studio are excited to see the cycle of our one-stop service continue…

Sketching is underway for this site in Kew East…

We wish a warm welcome to our newest clients Sandy and Michael!

The design team are in their element as the studio comes alive with ideas and concept proposals for this exciting new bespoke family home in Kew East. We look forward to presenting our proposal to the clients in the coming weeks and as always will keep you posted on the developments as the project progresses!!

Park Orchards Enters The Construction Phase…

It’s all systems go with this new luxury home in Park Orchards!

beautiful design and careful negotiation of council policy has helped this project fly through the Town Planning process without a hiccup! We now enter the construction documentation phase and are busy with our heads down resolving the finite details of this project and getting the drawings ready for build. With demolition quotes now in, major progress is expected this month!

We have also now established the Interiors Brief with our clients Kristy and Paul. We can’t wait to present the first round of mood boards and joinery drawings over the coming month! As ever…. Watch this space!!

Templestowe Granted Town Planning…

Council Approval Granted!

We are excited to announce council approval on this fabulous home in Templestowe. The clients will be thrilled to be granted a planning permit and move into the next phase of the project with the design approved on their custom home!



Are you missing the outdoors now that winter has arrived?

Below are four outdoor lifestyle comfort fireplaces that will captivate you and inspire your dream outdoor living area.

Admire that holiday resort feeling in your outdoor area

Imagine your evening cocktails in a 5 star hotel atmosphere. Exploring an eco-friendly ethanol fireplace burner, will allow you to add warmth to your very own luxury outdoor area.

A passionate night in the alfresco area

Create a romantic ambiance outside with a rustic timber fire place. Totally loving how we are naturally drawn in with warmth from that log feature wall.

Outdoor kitchen with incorporated log fire

This outdoor kitchen fireplace is providing a relaxing and functional entertainment area, with the intimate and cosy atmosphere of the indoors. The black and timber combine and contrast beautifully, allowing the focus to be drawn to the allure of the spiking flames.

Add a spectacular presence and warmth with this elegant sculpture, catching the view

This modern fireplace captures the bold, crisp-clean lines of the surrounding serenity.

Providing inspiration to create a more enjoyable, more beautiful, more comfortable and more exciting outdoor living space.



Are you after a certain space for a true wine cellar?

Melbourne wine lovers are beginning to popularise their admiration by exposing their fascination and creating their very own custom designed wine areas for their new homes.

During design stages and getting to know our clients, Luxury Living has found there a 3 common wine typologies, which one are you?


The entertainer – exposes their wine collection openly as central focal point within their home.
The entertainer – exposes their wine collection openly as central focal point within their home.


The serious – obsessed with the achievement of perfect operating conditions.
The serious – obsessed with the achievement of perfect operating conditions.
  • Fresh air flow
  • Consistent temperature of 14OC
  • Humidity between 65-75%
  • UV-free lighting


The connoisseur - is not just satisfied with the correct storage of their fine wine, they also require the right space to appreciate it.
The connoisseur – is not just satisfied with the correct storage of their fine wine, they also require the right space to appreciate it.

Here are our Luxury Living top tips to achieving your perfect wine cellar;

  • Get creative – Cellars do not have to be underground, nor are they cool all year round by being underground.
  • Pick your wine rack storage smartly (functionality is key).
  • If your serious about your wine then be sure to select a door that is technically appropriate, remember air flow is required (so sealed doors are a no no).
  • Planning and research will save you. Choose the insulation and materials adequately before construction (planning and research will save you)
  • Decide on the ideal Climate Control equipment, this is important to consistently keep the temperature and humidity needed in a wine cellar.

Luxury Living hope you are feeling inspired to research and plan for your desired, perfect and functional wine cellar.

Stay tuned for the next edition from Luxury Living.



Having an in-home elevator can be a lifestyle benefit or requirement, either way the easy access and functionality is becoming a popular demand for our double & triple story homes in Melbourne.

Did I mention the significant value it adds to your property when investing in one?

With recent innovations you have so many options when choosing your lift. Ugly lifts are a thing of the past and are now fully customisable with your interior:

  • Custom size
  • Custom finish
  • Smooth and seamless

There are so many reasons to have an elevator in your home, it’s the stylish & luxury lifestyle some of us admire and desire. Although there are three standout benefits of why you might want to include an elevator in your New Home:


Take advantage of those rooftop views now and in the later life years to come.

Capture the views


Your prize possessions deserve to be stored safely, in style and out of sight. These phenomenal basement lifts show off the elegance of design meets mechanical engineering.

Prized possessions

Secure and Safe



Gone are the days of those awful looking lifts. We can now design to incorporate your lift beautifully within your interior look and feel.

Design around the interior

Modern and Elegant Marble



One of the main leisure items when considering building your own home is a pool, typically outdoor. However if you live in Melbourne you are more likely to reconsider your pool, not as a summer proposition but as your indoor all year round personal leisure centre for your home. After all everyone is familiar with our infamous four seasons in one day.

Indoor pool benefits:

  • Indoor pools can be used every day of the year, 24/7.
  • Indoor pools ensure swimmers are kept warm before, during and after their swim
  • Indoor pools have a reduced amount of maintenance (avoid working your weekend scooping leaves)
  • Indoor pools create a beautiful leisure space / environment within your home.

“All those good lifestyle dreams all in that one space”


Entertaining your family, friends and guests
Entertaining your family, friends and guests


Utilising the views of your surroundings
Utilising the views of your surroundings


Lap pools for exercising and body relaxation
Lap pools for exercising and body relaxation


Half glass roof and half indoor roof allows you to enjoy both the sun and the shade
Half glass roof and half indoor roof allows you to enjoy both the sun and the shade


Adding on to the house as an openable indoor area that connects with the outside features…
Adding on to the house as an openable indoor area that connects with the outside features…