Design Tips For Purchasing Your Land

CHOOSING YOUR LAND…. Can be rather overwhelming, however here are a few simple features you should be taking into consideration:

  • ORIENTATION – a North facing backyard is not only desirable from a design point of view but also from a reduction $$$ bills point of view. If your design is done correctly you need not worry about those high priced winter bill blues.
  • SURROUNDING CONTEXT – this may sound obvious but from an design point of view it is wise to consider the height and overlooking nature of your neighbors. Are you going to be able to achieve the amount of private open space you desire. This is where a creative Luxury Living design can help, call us to find out how.
  • EASEMENTS – again, one from the obvious draw but can be devastating if you find your land has an easement that doesn’t show up on the property title. This is our area of expertise, providing you with the confidence and information you need regarding your land and its characteristics.
  • THE LOCAL COUNCIL – while you might have an idea of your dream home, the local council most certainly doesn’t. At Luxury Living we specialize in helping you navigate your way through the planning process avoiding all the hidden pit falls surrounding the application process.

If you are considering buying your dream land to design and build your luxury home. Give us a call at Luxury Living to see how we can help you every step of the way.